About stevenmarx.com

About stevenmarx.com


My name is Steven Marx and I've been developing websites and working with digital video for almost 15 years, almost as soon as these things became possible. I first started working with technology when CD-ROM drives were all the rage in computers, and I've been interested in the multimedia aspects of design and development ever since.

In the early days (way back in 1993) this meant things like HyperCard and the earliest versions of PowerPoint and other presentation software long since gone. Now it means website design and development and digital video for the web and DVDs, and yes, we're still doing presentations.


Having developed websites almost since the World Wide Web has existed I've seen many changes in both the appearance and use of websites and in the tools and technologies used to develop them. This experience benefits you in giving me a unique perspective on what makes a website effective not just for today but for the future.


Digital video has been coming into its own recently. The combination of ubiquitous video-capable mobile devices and more common broadband access has made digital video mainstream. I've been working with digital video for 20 years, and while I'm a little jealous of the today's tools, the skills I learned in those early days pay off for you in the tricks and techniques I've learned. Whether it's an introduction to your site, a commercial for your product, or an event you need recorded, my skill set provides you everything you need for high quality, professional results.


Technically multimedia means any combination of two or more media types (audio, video, graphics, etc.). Computer-wise, this generally means things like slideshows, presentations or PowerPoints (clever readers will note that those are three terms for the same thing). I can make presentations for you that don't looked canned because they aren't, with the media you need to get your message across.

Still have your media in analog formats? I can take those boxes of tapes and carousels of slides and turn them into movie-style DVDs you'll enjoy watching over and over.