Media Digitizing

I can take those piles of home movies and create DVD's you'll want to watch. With Hollywood-style titles, transitions, effects (if you want), menus and chapters, it's both easy and fun to watch your old movies on your TV using your standard DVD player.

I can take all the common video formats, convert them to high quality digital movies, and put them on a DVD just like you rent at the video store. Your DVD can include original music created just for you, or you can bring in your own (legally bought) music to be included.

If you'd rather stream your videos, I can do that too, uploading the highest possible quality video to popular sites such as YouTube & Vimeo and make them as public or private as you want.

Sample jobs:

  • over 1000 slides scanned & burned to DVD movies
  • VHS, miniDV, audio casettes & LPs digitized and burned onto CDs (audio) & DVDs (video)
  • and many more …

Slide Shows

Presentations that pop, slide shows that stun, kiosks that demand attention, has your multimedia needs covered.

Need a presentation that doesn't look canned? Using the best tools for the job, I can create the multimedia presentation that will make people ask "How'd you do that?"

Slide Show Sample

Broad Branch Farm Slide Show

Designed to be played manually with narration