Educational Technology Links

These are some of the highlights from my 20 years experience in educational technology. There are certainly hundreds more, and if I get time, I'll add to the list.

Kidspiration/Inspiration – Outlining, concept mapping/mind mapping software

The WebQuest Site – For all your information about WebQuests from the co-originator. Excellent place to find any WebQuest you might need or a place to make your own.

Education World – A nice clearinghouse/portal with links to lots of useful information and resources.

PBS – With links to kids, parents and teachers sites with tons of resources.

National Geographic – Also with lots of good educational resources available.

Library of Congress – The nation's library with absolute oodles of collections in many different subject areas. Includes text, pictures, movies and sounds for researching and teaching.

CIA World Factbook – However you feel about the CIA, this is an incredible reference with loads of useful information about every country in the world. Includes maps, flags and all the demographic information you could want. And after all, you've already paid for it with your taxes.

Stuff I Use

This is a partial list of some of the most common software and services I use in my normal workflow. I'll add to it as I think of things, or use new software and services.

Website Design & Development

CSSEdit - An excellent CSS editor, now part of Espresso, a more complete coding solution for websites including CSS (see Coda below)

Coda - For hand coding websites, including support for HTML, CSS, Javascript and even MySQL. This site is coded using Coda

iStockPhoto - For high quality, relatively inexpensive stock media

Sandvox - For simple creation of high quality, template-based web sites

Video, Multimedia & DVD Creation

Final Cut Pro X While much maligned (and rightly so) upon its initial release, Final Cut Pro X has become my video editor of choice thanks to Apple's subsequent improvements to the program.

Roxio Toast - Toast comes in handy for many projects: when I need to grab a Video_TS folder from an existing DVD (legally, of course); simple DVD creation & burns; and several other tasks. It's a venerable piece of software that's been around for years for a reason.

Disclabel - Those DVD's need labeling, and after looking at the few pieces of software available, I've been using Disclabel for years. It has a funky interface and some quirks, but also excellent Lightscribe support and regular updates.


Apple Computers - For hardware and software that just work … well mostly, better than the competition anyway.

More to come

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